Our consulting division aims to provide solution to our client when they want to either outsource their HR activities or they want to design & maintain professional HR environment within the company.

We offer a wide range of consulting services to our customers, which help them to build systems and processes to acquire, engage and develop their human capital. With veterans in HR Consulting, we offer a variety of consulting services that includes organization structuring and manpower planning, vision & mission structuring, competency profiling of roles and role-holders, policy handbooks, compensation benchmarking and design and employee engagement study to name a few.

Reachout – Design

Specifically targeted at the MSME segment. We bring in our expertise to design HR systems, policies and processes that help you scale up your business without getting bogged down with HR issues. We partner in your progress to make the journey smooth. Following are some of the activities listed which we do.

  Organization Structuring – Defining Unique Roles, Grades/ Levels, Career Path etc.
MANNING - In-house Management Vs Contracting / Outsourcing.
Statutory Compliances Requirement.
Compensation & Best HR practices benchmarking.
Compensation Structuring.
Recruitment System design.
Employee policy Manual.

Reachout Advantage

Specifically created to shoulder the entire HR load of the MSME segment. We provide our HR expertise which would enable our clients focus on their core business. It saves cost, trouble of setting up and running the HR department while enjoying the benefits of a professional set up.

We design and structure HR systems and policies and run them for you. We do the entire spectrum of recruitment, training, assessment, statutory compliances, payroll processing and exit formalities.