The staffing division aims to provide solution to client when they require flexible staffing to reduce their headcount, outsource legal compliances or require just in time work force. We provide temporary staff across a range of skill-sets across many locations in the country for a variety of industry sectors. We understand the concerns on flexibility of employment and associated risks and have established business processes, that offers flexible and cost-effective solutions and address the headcount needs and limitations squarely. HR Outsourcing, also known as Temporary Staffing is becoming accepted by companies across industries as a business necessity due to the following reasons:

  Helps retain focus on core functions
Specific time bound project needs manpower for the project period or less.
Seasonal nature of business necessitating quick ramping up or down of manpower.
Needs for specific & niche skill sets can be addressed.
Company Headcount is contained.
Initial employment costs are lowered.
Ease of entry exit mitigates business risks.
Helps recruit large number of candidates in a short time.
All Statutory compliances are adhered to and taken care of.

Reachout Smart – A Smart Way to Hire

It fulfills your needs for temporary and outsourced manpower. Be it a short term need for a project or a strategic decision to outsource certain positions. We provide a complete solution which includes hiring, induction training, complete compliances of all statutory and a dedicated help desk to cater all queries of the associates.

Reachout Ready – Ready Sales / Customer Care/ Retail / Admin

Short-term projects are one of the highlights of modern day business. We provide temporary staffing solutions that will help in hiring ideal candidates. We provide trained manpower for specific functions at the entry level for short term assignments and for strategically outsourced positions. It combines all the benefits of Reachout Smart.